Monday, July 17, 2017


its been some time since i last wrote..

Today I feel at peace.. there is some inkling of better times.. things will change.. health will improve.. maybe its just the afterglow of a good yoga class.. maybe it was the visit to the farm yesterday.. the views.. the vegetables.. the realization that if i want this to be my dream its not going to be easy.. maybe its the mindfulness meditation.. the 10 minutes every morning focusing on my breath...maybe this could be a harbinger of things to come... yes.. things will improve.. 

Monday, March 6, 2017

Bambi tales

When I become big and have my own phone, you should save my number as "Jhansi ki Rani"...

Mowgli is studying for his Computer Exam - "the edit bar consists of 'tool box','colour box' and ummm.."
"Lunch box? Chacha?" Bambi prompts helpfully!

Rushing to grab a book before running to the bathroom.. Just because everybody else in the famiy does that!"

Humming "njanum njanumentaalum.." she decides to substitute it with "njanum njanum ente husbandum.." and proceeds to sing that version aloud...

Friday, March 3, 2017

To remember

that it was the BH who held the fort when things got crazy at work..
who picked and dropped kids for their classes..
who managed dinner when I was too busy and worn out to even think about it..
who serviced the car and ran around for all the insurance papers..
who filled the forms and submitted the documents for an upcoming trip...
along with managing his job...
who serves as the role model for Mowgli and Bambi.. That when things get hectic you dont lie down and complain.. instead you roll up your sleeves and get work done..
who stood by me always and for ever!

Thank you is inadequate.... Still, I say to you... Thank you for everything

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Travelling with the BH

A good art of travel is the company you keep. A beautiful place can become a forgettable trip if you don’t gel with your companions. 

Image result for travel with friends quotesFor me, almost all my travels have been with the BH either alone or in a  group. Increasingly as I go for trips without him, I realize that I prefer to travel with the BH. All said and done the familiarity we share is something nothing else can replace. Knowing that you want the same things. We both are fine with basic places to stay preferring to spend on food and sight-seeing. We both don't mind walking for ages and have done that whenever we travel sans kids. With the BH around, you can rest assured that we’ll explore the local cuisine. The last time we were in Goa, we walked into a home that had a “Lunch Ready’ Board. There were three or four tables and the food was served on their veranda. Simple homemade tasty food and our first kombucha!  There is always the surety of knowing that if one suggests an offbeat idea the other will definitely second it. 

Recently when I was in Goa on an office trip, it just brought this thought home - we are the best travel partners for each other!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

And my world turns upside down

Just when I thought I've got it, everything changed. Was pulled into a new project which requires me to work from office daily. So I'm now in a 9-6 job and then calls at night. Its been two weeks and I'm still undecided whether I like it or not.

The good thing is that I walk to work daily thereby clocking close to 13k steps daily. Haven't noticed any change with the weight, but at least I'm getting some regular exercise. My evening calls have reduced considerably, so at least I'm able to read a bedtime story to the kids and have a relaxed dinner.

The flip side is that I get to spend very little time with the kids and the BH. Both of us had gotten used to the working from home/flexi working hours and it was very comfortable. I had more time to manage multiple things at home along with office work - coffee time with the BH, picking kids from school some days, having lunch with Bambi, listening to Mowgli talk about his day, helping with the homework. Now, most of this is on the BH which is not fair. Yes, I know in a couple of months Bambi will get into Ist grade and then it would be a full day school for her as well.

Anyway , it is what it is. What we have developed as a routine now is breakfast together at 8am. Bought a bell which the kids ring after setting the table and again dinner together at 7pm. Lets see how this goes...

Life and the ways it twists and turns is indeed strange....

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Calvin & Hobbes.. the love that passes on

and sometimes early mornings are the best time to read!!!

dose of sarcasm for the day done 😵

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


the heady rush of the anticipation of seeing that someone
walking down corridors eagerly hoping to get a glimpse
spending time saying nothing , content with the proximity

crossing the road hand in hand
a lazy leg thrown over a sleeping form
warm feet to snuggle into

bike rides without the kids
learning new things
long trips with the kids

hospital visits together
illness and hangovers
obesity and medicine strips

for better, for worse
for richer, for poorer
in sickness and in health
to love and to cherish
till death do us part....