Day 10 - Morning Affirmations

I am feeling Healthy and Strong todayI have all that I need to make this a great day of my life

Every new day starts with happiness, is full of joy and ends with contentment I am enough and I have enough. My life is full of abundance
I am open and receptive to all the wealth that Life offers me
My actions create constant prosperity - money comes to me easily and effortlessly
I choose Happiness, Success and Abundance in my life  I am making the right choices, taking the right actions,and thinking the right thoughts that will empower me to walk in my greatness and positively impact the lives of everyone I meet

Day 9 - Colouring

I attended a training today on mindfulness (more on that later). We were all given a Mandala colouring book for adults with colour pencils and clay. We were encouraged to use our hands either to shape things or aimlessly colour while listening to the speakers - the logic being these activities actually help us relax and put us in a more positive frame of mind.

Day 8 - Enabler

I've figured out what I am :-)

I am an "enabler". I enable people to achieve their goals. I'm quite good at this. If I know what is that you want, the dream you have I can research options for you, motivate you to move forward, have regular check points, do your planning for you.

Now if only that was a paid job!

Day 7 - New Beginnings

We bought a home. Again. In the same complex that we are staying.

After being very stubborn that we will not buy a flat again in Bangalore to looking through villas and finding two that I really really loved to finding them too expensive to scouting land in Wayanad and Talli to build a farmhouse to finally zeroing in to our present house. I have accepted the fact that changing schools is just not happening and in that case this is the perfect location. The community is good, school is close by, the BH's sister stays nearby. So all in all, made sense.

But its been like an anti-climax. I who usually gets very hyper thinking of stuff am actually very subdued. I am still planning stuff, getting excited about how I want the terrace to be, pinning stuff on pinterest.. but I am not dreaming about it. Its all very functional in my mind. And I'm puzzled by it. Its usually not the way I operate. Maybe it has to do with growing up (Ha ha!!) or it is my subconscious "lets not get to…

Day 6 - Conversations with Bambi

"Today my yoga sir was looking very handsome."

"Ehhh??"  I am wondering on the appropriateness of the remark and how I need to react to this.

"He wore a shirt and jeans and he was looking as handsome as Dada"

I am struggling with emotions.. isn't she too young to start talking like that.. and how I should keep an open mind because I want her to continue telling me everything and blah blah blah.

The BH comes in then and she repeats the same to him. His instant response " As handsome as Dada??"

She immediately corrects her statement " no.. not that much.. little less". Father and daughter walk away happily hand in hand!

Day 5 - Fitness

The last year was devoted to health.

I didn't meet my weight loss goals, but did stick to some exercise or the other at least 50% of the time. Resumed Kathak classes, so that takes care of two days a week. Then started yoga, so another two days a week. Walked 3 km to office for 3 months.

On an average, I would say I did something at least once a week.

Even if the scales have fluctuated as always, what has really improved is my stamina. I can feel it coming back to what it used to be. I dont get tired that easily, I can walk for longer periods of time. For New Year, we did a small hike uphill and I was fine. It was doable.

This year, I want to focus more on healthy eating and ensure that my metabolism also picks up.
Plan to add one healthy habit every week and keep adding to this.

In Jan:

Lemon water/cinnamon water to start the day4-6 soaked almondsExercise daily